Credits & Acknowledgements

Heritage BC would like to acknowledge the project team and others who have contributed images and content to this website.

Project Team

Portfolio Art Design: project management & design services
thenumber : creative technology : web development
Discover the Past: content consulting and editing
Helen Edwards: research and archival photos

Sources & Credits

David E. McGill, author of “126 Stops of Interest in Beautiful British Columbia” (Frontier Publishing, 1979)

Barry Walker, who kindly provided many of the photographs of the Stop of Interest signs

Janice Tindall, who developed an earlier version of this website and the teachers’ lesson plans

The Government of British Columbia, for keeping the Stop of Interest signs program alive for over 50 years

Royal BC Museum, BC Archives, for the many interesting archive images

Royal BC Museum Corporation retains all rights to the still images, records and documents in its holdings including any reproductions supplied or derived from the collections. Duplicating, sharing, transferring, transmitting, renting, selling, sub-licensing, trading, leasing, loaning or giving BC Archives and Royal BC Museum still images, records or documents in any format is not permitted. Any copies created, either physical or electronic, must be destroyed upon conclusion of the project. Any subsequent use of the approved images will require the submission of another Permissions Form. (Under construction: List of BC Archive images)

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Heritage BC would like to acknowledge the Government of British Columbia for keeping the Stop of Interest signs program alive for over 50 years.