This website was created as an educational resource using BC Stops of Interest signs and interactive mapping to explore the important landmarks, events and people that have shaped the history of British Columbia. Over time we will be adding to this virtual library of resources.

We invite you to participate! You can contribute all kinds of resources – archive images, family treasures, links to other heritage websites, information about your local museum, a review of an interesting history book. To share local interest stories, links and photos, visit the specific Stop and look for the 'NEWS' icon.

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Educational Resources

This section is designed for educators and parents. Find out more about how to use the Passport, Games and Maps in the classroom...coming soon.

Click here for 12 activities designed to introduce students to the concept of heritage.
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Find out more about how to use Games as an educational tool and get the complete list of skill-testing quizzes found on every Stop.
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The Heritage BC Passport is a great way to keep track of a student's progress – and a passport can be printed and folded into a little booklet. Note: the name or alias entered to apply for a passport is secure and is deleted at the end of each online session.
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About this website

We would like to thank our project team and all those who have contributed time, information and images. Learn more about this website developed by Heritage BC. 
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More BC Stops of Interest

On this website there are approximately 100 official BC Stops of Interest signs – but not all of them are still standing, some have out-of-date content, and some did not fit into the virtual tour concept.
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Unofficial Tribute Signs

We have discovered other signs around BC that are not part of the official provincial program. If you have spotted a rogue sign, please feel free to submit a comment and photo.
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For teachers, students and history buffs. Explore a virtual library of links, books, images that tell the history of British Columbia. Share your favourite resources and help build this educational website.