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Take a poll. Guess the number. Multiple choice. True or False. Here is the index for all the games found on the Heritage BC Stops virtual tour.

Teachers and parents!  You can encourage participation and learning comprehension by having kids do these simple skill-testing questions. They earn a star on their Passport for every game they do – questions are designed to reinforce the correct answer. You can review their progress and, after every online session, print off a record of every Stop visited and every game played.

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Poll (0)Beacon Hill
What would you like to do at Beacon Hill Park? Play cricket Visit the Petting Zoo
True/False (0)The Birdcages
The original legislative buildings were called the 'birdcages' for their cages of exotic birds. FALSE : The nickname comes from the building's fanciful architecture
Multiple Choice (0)Dr. J.S. Helmcken 1824-1920
Who was John Sebastian Helmcken? A Hudson's Bay Company doctor A famous sea captain A provincial premier Helmcken was a Doctor
Multiple Choice (0)Wharf Street
What did the ships carry in this busy port? Furs Gold Miners Liquor All of the above All of the above!
Multiple Choice (0)Point Ellice House
Who built this Point Ellice house? Peter O'Reilly John Ellice Victoria Yale Honourable Peter O'Reilly built Point Ellice House in 1861
Guess The Number (0)Craigflower Manor
What year were foundation stones laid for this pioneer farm? 1853
Poll (0)A Pioneer Railway
What would you rather be? A Conductor An Engineer

Vancouver Island Tour

Guess The Number (0)Incredible Forests
What year were spars cut for Captain Cook's ships? 1778
True/False (0)Ladysmith
James Dunsmuir established Ladysmith as coal port. True : Dunsmuir created an 'instant' town here in 1898
True/False (0)NO. 1 MINE
Nanaimo was a major gold mining center. False : Nanaimo is known for its early coal mines.
Multiple Choice (0)Wellington
After 1900 where were many Wellington buildings moved to? Ladysmith Duncan Nanaimo Ladysmith was created with buildings from Wellington
True/False (0)B.C. Paper Manufacturing Co
The first BC paper mill was built on the Somass River in Port Alberni. True : The first paper mill was built here in 1894
True/False (0)A Versatile Pioneer
Gilbert Malcolm Sproat was the 'Versatile Pioneer'. True : Sproat was a scholar, anthropologist and businessman.
Multiple Choice (0)Powell River
What is Powell River famous for? A coal mine A large newsprint mill A big zoo The wood pulp newsprint mill was started in 1912
Guess The Number (0)Seymour Narrows
What year were the twin peaks of Ripple Rock blasted? 1958
Poll (0)The First Premier
What role do you think is more important? Supreme Court Judge Provincial Premier
True/False (0)Fort Rupert
Hudson's Bay Company built Fort Rupert. True : The fort was built in 1849 when coal was discovered.

Trans Canada West

Guess The Number (0)Britannia Mine
What year did Dr. Forbes discover copper on Britannia Mountain? 1888
True/False (0)Vancouver
Vancouver is Canada's third largest city. True : The population of the metropolitan area of Vancouver is over 2,500,000
Multiple Choice (0)Port Moody
What is Port Moody recognized for? Shipping and industry Fishing grounds Coal mining Port Moody is important for shipping and industry
True/False (0)Seat of Government
Westminister was seat of government for the early Colony of British Columbia. True : From 1859-1868
Multiple Choice (0)Sumas Lake Reclamation
Why was Sumas Lake drained? For fertile farm land For cattle ranching For a recreational park Over 33,000 acres became fertile farm land
Guess The Number (0)Early Chinese
What year did the first Chinese workers arrive for the gold rush? 1858
Multiple Choice (0)Yale Convention
What did members of the Yale Convention propose? Union with Dominion of Canada Separation of British Colonies Opposition to Confederation Union with Canada became a reality in 1871
True/False (0)Fraser's River
Simon Fraser was an important explorer and fur-trader. TRUE : The Fraser River is named after him
Poll (0)Jackass Mountain
What would you rather be? a mule a camel
Multiple Choice (0)Ashcroft Manor
What family developed this ranch beginning in 1862? Cornwall Ashcroft Yale The Cornwall brothers
True/False (0)Ghost of Walhachin
English settlers built large cattle ranches in this area. FALSE : Walhachin was once known for fruit orchards

Trans Canada East

Poll (0)Steamboat Saga
How do you prefer to travel? Railway Car Steamboat
Guess The Number (0)Fur, Gold and Cattle
What year was Fort Kamloops founded? 1812
Multiple Choice (0)Empire of Grass
What is the Nicola Valley known for? Wheat Cattle Ranches Fruit Orchards Nicola Valley has some of the world's largest ranches!
Multiple Choice (0)III
What is this large ranch know for? Dairy cattle Corn and wheat Beef cattle and horses It's famous for 'beef' and horses
True/False (0)Great Train Robbery
Bill Miner was reputedly the first robber to say "Hands Up"? TRUE: 'Old Bill' was also polite and wished his victims 'a good day'!
Guess The Number (0)The Last Spike
What year was the CPR finished? 1885
Multiple Choice (0)River of the West
Who first mapped the Columbia River? David Thompson Fred Columbia Robert Grey David Thompson explored the Columbia in 1811.
Poll (0)Golden
How would you like to travel along the Columbia? Canoe Steamboat Train
Multiple Choice (0)Park Bridge
What historic group is associated with this canyon? The Palliser Expedition Hudson's Bay Company The Mounties The Palliser Expedition 1859
True/False (0)James Sinclair
James Sinclair guided 200 settlers from Fort Garry into Oregon. TRUE : Sinclair crossed the Rockies with settlers in 1841

Crowsnest Tour

True/False (0)Kettle Valley Railway
Today the Kettle Valley Railway is part of the Trans Canada Trail. TRUE : The Trans Canada Trail will be the world's longest recreational trail
Poll (0)Greenwood Smelter
What precious metal would you like to mine? Silver Gold Copper
Guess The Number (0)The Rossland Mines
What year were the famous mines at Rossland staked? 1890
True/False (0)The Dewdney Trail
Edward Dewdney was a Royal Engineer. TRUE : This famous trail is named after Dewdney.
Multiple Choice (0)Prospector to Premier
John Robson was a critic of: Colonialism Confederation Railways Robson was a fiery critic of colonial rule
Guess The Number (0)West Kootenay Power
What year was hydro-electricity first delivered from No.1 plant? 1898
Multiple Choice (0)The Slocan Mines
Which of these are silver mines in the Slocan? Payne Slocan Star Whitewater All of the above!
Guess The Number (0)Marriage of East and West
What is the Kootenay Pass summit elevation in metres? 1778
Multiple Choice (0)The Map Maker
What was David Thompson looking for? A fur-trade route Forests to log Good fishing spots The fur-trading route he mapped eventually became a gold trail.
Guess The Number (0)St. Eugene Mine
What year did Pierre discover ore near Moiye Lake? 1893
Multiple Choice (0)Galbraiths Ferry
When miners came across this cable ferry across the Kootenay River, where were they headed? Wildhorse Creek Montana Alberta They were headed to the gold rush at Wildhorse Creek
True/False (0)Fisherville
The town of Fisherville was dismantled and moved because gold was discovered underneath it. TRUE : Fisherville is now a ghost town
True/False (0)Fernie Coal
Fernie is known for coal. TRUE : There is a 230 square mile coal basin at Fernie
Multiple Choice (0)Crowsnest Pass
Who blazed a trail over Crowsnest Pass in 1873? Michael Phillips William Fernie Peter Palliser Michael Phillipps was the first white man to cross Crowsnest Pass

Okanagan Tour

Poll (0)Irrigation
What is your favourite Okanagan fruit? Apples Peaches Cherries
True/False (0)Fairview Gold
Sidewinder, Morning Star and Rattler are names of gold mines. TRUE: all three are gold mines in the Fairview area
Guess The Number (0)Penticton
What year did Tom Ellis start his cattle ranch and orchard? 1866
Guess The Number (0)Okanagan Mountain Fire 2003
How many hectares were consumed in the fire? 25000
True/False (0)J.M. Robinson
John Robinson introduced irrigation to the Southern Okanagan. TRUE : Robinson helped found the fruit tree industry
Multiple Choice (0)Tske-tem-stu-weekh-tin
What does 'Tske-tem-stu-weekh-tin' mean? The swim across to each other place The long bridge The farthest shore The Syilx name means 'the swim across to each other place'
Multiple Choice (0)Father Pandosy O.M.I.
Father Pandosy formed the first non-native settlement in the Okanagan. True : Father Pandosy settled here in 1859
Poll (0)Coldstream Valley
What would you like to do if you had a ranch? Manage a large orchard Raise stage coach horses Grow vegetables and hops
Multiple Choice (0)O'Keefe Ranch
Where did O'Keefe and Greenbow bring their cattle from? Alberta Washington Oregon They drove their cattle in from Oregon in 1876
Guess The Number (0)Spallmucheen Valley
What year did A.I. Fortune settle the Spallmucheen Valley? 1866

Gold Rush Tour

Guess The Number (0)Hedley – Famous for Gold
What year was gold discovered in Hedley? 1897
True/False (0)Gold In Nickel Plate
The gold, silver and copper mines are no longer operational. TRUE : They were shut down by 1955
Multiple Choice (0)Copper Mountain
Where was ore from Copper Mountain shipped to? Allenby Hope Hedley 35 millions tons of ore were shipped to the concentrator at Allenby
True/False (0)Historic Yale
Fort Yale was the starting point of the famous Cariboo Wagon Road. TRUE : The starting point at Fort Yale was a roaring gold-rush town
Guess The Number (0)Cariboo Wagon Road
How many miles long was the Cariboo Wagon Road? 400
True/False (0)Lillooet
Lillooet is the focal point of the first Cariboo Wagon Road in 1858 TRUE : Lillooet is know as the gateway to gold
True/False (0)Bridge River Gold
The Bralorne Mines are still operational. TRUE : This is BC's leading gold mine.
Multiple Choice (0)BX
What town was at 'the end of the line' for B.X. stagecoaches leaving Ashcroft? Barkerville Kelowna Vancouver B.X. travelled 280 miles north to Barkerville
Poll (0)To The Goldfields
What would you rather ride? A donkey A camel A horse
Guess The Number (0)Cottonwood House
What year was Cottonwood House built by the Boyd family? 1864
Multiple Choice (0)Dr. RWW Carrall 1839-79
Where did Dr. Carrall first settle in BC? Barkerville Williams Creek Victoria Dr. Carrall settled in Williams Creek in 1867

North by Northwest Tour

True/False (0)Yellowhead Pass
Yellowhead Pass is named after a blonde fur trader. TRUE : The fur trader's nickname was 'Tete Jaune'
Multiple Choice (0)Spruce Capital
What kind of wood was used to build Fort George? white spruce douglas fir yellow cedar Fort George was built from white spruce in 1807
True/False (0)Grand Trunk Pacific
The Grand Trunk Pacific is now part of CN - Canadian National Railway TRUE : It was amalgamated in 1923
Guess The Number (0)Ootsa Lake–Nechako Reservoir
How many hectares is the Nechako Reservoir? 90,000
True/False (0)Overland Telegraph
Perry Collins envisioned a telegraph land route to link America and Asia. TRUE : 800 miles were built north from New Westminister before the line was abandoned.
Poll (0)Moricetown Canyon
What would you use to fish for salmon in the river here? Basketry traps Harpoons Gaff hooks
True/False (0)People of the River Mist
A matrilineal society traces ancestry through the mother's side. TRUE : The Gitxsan are a matrilineal society
Poll (0)Skeena River Boats
What name for river rapids do you like best? The Devil's Elbow Whirly Gig Hornet's Nest
Multiple Choice (0)K-Shian - The Skeena
What mountain range does the Skeena River cut through? Rockies Mountains Coast Mountains Northwestern Mountains The Skeena cuts through the Coast Mountains.
True/False (0)Queen Charlotte Islands
The Queen Charlotte Islands are now known as 'Haida Gwaii'. TRUE : Haida Gwaii means 'Islands of the People'

Peace River Tour

True/False (0)Arctic Divide
Summit Lake marks the point from which streams flow north towards the Arctic. TRUE : This is called a continental divide.
Multiple Choice (4)Pine Pass - 2,868 Feet
What is the name of the highway at Pine Pass?
Poll (0)Dawson Creek
Which name do you like better? Dawson Creek Beaver Plains Pouce Coupe
Multiple Choice (0)Pouce Coupe Prairie
What was this natural prairie area originally known for? Eagles Beavers Frogs Beavers were trapped here.
True/False (0)The First Highway
The Peace River is the only river to cut through the Rockie Mountains. TRUE : Alexander Mackenzie discovered this route through the Rockies in 1793
Multiple Choice (0)Alexander Mackenzie
Who was the first man to cross the Rockies and North America? Henry Portage Alexander Mackenzie George Hudson In 1793 Alexander Mackenzie was the first!
Multiple Choice (0)Yukon Trail
Who attempted to build an overland route from Edmonton to the Klondike? North West Mounted Police Gold miners Alexander Mackenzie The North West Mounted Police in 1898
True/False (0)Trail of '98
The Yukon Trail was the shortest route to the Klondike. TRUE : Thousands of gold prospectors came through here during the Gold Rush of 1898.

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