Teachers Kit

This section is designed for educators – you will find 12 activities designed to introduce students to the concept of heritage. These lesson ideas are interrelated – not interconnected. Adapt them for different grades, get ideas for a single project or a series of additional activities. Or use them all together to form a unit on heritage and local history.


What is Home?

What home means and how comfort and belonging relate to the concept of a home.



Living Space in the Home

Explore modern and historic home interiors and how living spaces change over time. (3 pages)

2_Living Space.pdf


Looking at the Home

Investigate housing types and their function.

3_Looking at the Home.pdf


Construction Materials & Methods

Introducing building materials and techniques. (5 pages)

4_Construction Materials & Methods.pdf


Neighbourhood Walk

Tour local neighbourhoods to discover what kinds of buildings and structures make up your community. (6 pages)

5_Neighbourhood Walk.pdf


Snooping for Change

Investigate change and how it affects communities. (3 pages)

6_Snooping For Change.pdf


Model Town

Creative fun exploring neighbourhood architecture. (3 pages)

7_Model Town.pdf


Desk Facades

Build your own streetscape to understand appearance and function of building exteriors. (4 pages)

8_Desk Facades.pdf


Creative Writing

Writing activities that encourage students to think about architecture in imaginative ways. (2 pages)

9_Creative Writing.pdf


Cemetery Hunt

Learn about history from a new perspective. (13 pages)

10_Cemetery Hunt.pdf


Amateur Anthropologist

Learn about your past to learn about your self. (4 pages plus 2 worksheets)

11_Amateur Anthropologist.pdf
11A_My Family Tree.pdf

11B_My Family Pedigree.pdf  (print legal size)


Family Treasures

Family heirlooms are a link to the past.

12_Family Treasures.pdf


Make Your Own 'Heritage Minute'

Make a video about your community's history.

13_Heritage Minute.pdf

Producing a Heritage Play

Steps to producing a community history play.

14_Heritage Play.pdf


Designing a Walking Tour

A step-by-step approach to create a walking tour of historic neighbourhoods. (3 pages)

15_Designing a Walking Tour.pdf


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